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For Agriculture

Agryo Enables Data Driven Financial And Environmental Services.

Your company in control of your portfolio operations.

Agryo Enables Lenders to Collect, Evaluate and Monitor Farmers' Operations Under Financial Contracts.

Easy to Integrate, Fast to Use, Secure and Global

Financial institutions, Agricorps, Insurers and Ag-coops

Diversification Opportunity

The agryo risk intelligence platform offers opportunity to improve the legacy systems under a cheaper, secure, fast and simple infrastructure.

Data Driven Platform

Each stage of financial contracts is carried out under a data-based assessment process to provide services of the highest quality in terms of compliance and transparency.

Near Real Time Monitoring

All crop fields under contract are monitored by our proprietary technology, which uses autonomous algorithms on various data sets to detect changes.

Simplify Your Operations

We develop all the infrastructure to make your life simple. So your company focus in the financial operations and agro controls all the tech stack for you.

No Arrangements fees

The agryo infrastructure provide services with no costs in advance, granting to companies low cost operations.

Make the Difference

For farmers to have a chance to be served agryo platform offers a set of services to support companies to provide the best services to all farmers.

No Bureaucracy

We abstract all layers of data and modelling, so your company focus in your expertise, diversify the portfolio, improve results, reduce cost.

Simple Registration

Registration on the platform is straightforward and simple, you can use our APIs, web infrastructure or even a mobile version.

Benefits of Agryo For the Ecosystem

Best Farmers Access.

  • The agryo team is expert in agri-finance data
  • The agryo infrastructure build credit profiles
  • Remote analysis process for crop fields
  • Fair and reliable assessment of farmers
  • Real risk assessment solution
  • Any crop field can be analyzed

What a company need to use?

  • Be a provider of financial services
  • Subscribe to the agryo platform
  • Fill the company information
  • The Agryo team will contact you to help
  • Decide what is the best way for you
  • Start to improve your services

Why do you need Agryo infrastructure?

  • All contracts monitored
  • Better knowledge of your operations
  • Risk assessment of farmers operations
  • Better internal transparency and management
  • You know who, why, what and when

Aligned with the United Nations

Aligned with the United Nations
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Agri-Intelligence Technology

  • Agryo team develop its own data engine
  • We merge data science, analytics and artificial intelligence
  • The evaluate all crop fields before, during and after contracts
  • Near real time analysis and monitoring of contracts
  • The algorithms provides continuous improvement of predictions
  • Every aspect of contract under rigorous control

Lenders can Build their Portfolio

  • All information of land owners and crop fields accessible
  • Non performing loans mitigation services
  • A complete access to all loans propositions to build a portfolio
  • The near real time risk assessment to provide safety to lenders
  • Different type of loans and time durations can be done
  • Lenders can define the best allocation of resources
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Land Record Monitoring

  • All loans are environmental analyzed
  • The history of crop field are analyzed
  • The risk assessment of crop at specific condition
  • The contracts can serve SME farmer holders
  • No contracts for deforestation areas
  • Access to capital to help climate change adaptation

Aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Focus in improve agricultural ecosystem
  • Opportunities to fight Hunger and Poverty
  • Improvement in local communities lives
  • Access to better conditions for farmers
  • Innovation as source of development in developing countries
  • Environmental responsible and social just
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Team and Partners

Our team members

Isaque Eberhardt, PhD

CEO & Co-founder

Leisy Teixeira, PhD

COO & Co-founder

Henrique Sena

Full Stack

Jonas Flechsenhar


Christian Montoya

Business Development and Marketing

Shanay Sanghvi

Data Scientist

Our advisors

Mansoor Madhavji

Senior Advisor

Mason M. Darabi, CPA, B. Eng

Growth Advisor

Dario Salamena


Our partners

Blockchain Founders Fund CV VC CV Labs Holt Fintech Accelerator Hedera Hashgraph Asia Israel Blockchain Association
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